Reversible Stadium Jacket

I grew up in San Francisco in the 80s and 90s. It was uncommon for the 49ers to not win. As a kid going to Super Bowl parties I really thought the Niners were always just in it. The original gold Niners jackets that I based ours off, was my favorite of the team jackets from the 80s. It was authentically bold and on brand. It was worn with pride throughout the city.
So when it came to designing this I wanted to be mindful of the reference. Just like REBEL8, this is all personal to me so it comes from a place of deep respect.
I've been trying to insert something utilitarian into each jacket we've been putting out. For example, the Insulated Hooded Jacket had the conceal pockets. For this jacket it's the function of fashion - making it reversible, changing colors and decorations. Essentially creating two completely different jackets in one for the price of one.
I've been having hella fun this past week changing from black to gold throughout the day. My kids think I'm a Goddamn magician. It's hella easy to do it too.