Insulated Hooded Jacket

This jacket is arguably my favorite REBEL8 jacket ever made. You know I don't say that about every product we drop either! I'm just really proud of this one, from ideation to execution. Already a bunch of you copped this. Thank you. You already know. This is for everyone else. We aren't in business for 21 years making products to last any shorter. Let's sweat the details...

The fit is legit and true to size. I'm 6' and rock a REBEL8 Large. I made sure the zipper pull was a proper size and the zipper itself YKK. I went with a cheaper zipper once and won't make that mistake twice. The cost savings wasn't worth the added aggravation. A little production insight, the zipper on any clothing is of significant cost to the finished garment. I'm not surprised at all that most brands don't use YKK. Added some clean embroidery of what we internally call our "Work Script" to the front. It's one of our newer logos in our brand assets.

Added a separate Sharpie pocket and a little opening to the main pocket, essentially creating an optional pen holder. Pen pockets in tops have kinda been my shit. I can't stand keeping a pen in my pants.

All rivets are custom 8 logos. Also this is a good photo showcasing the heavy 100% duck canvas shell fabric too.

The embroidered hood graphic only really hits you when worn up. Wearing it down, it's mostly hidden in the folds.

The jacket interior, including hood, is completely lined with a matte finish insulated diamond quilting for weight, comfort and warmth.

There are six total interior pockets too. Both sides are mirrored. Each side has a concealed carry pocket and two magazine ones with velcro closures. If you don't know what any of that means, Welcome To REBEL8, Duck Motherfucker.

But for real, I'm not a "gun guy". In fact, I'm really not into guns at all. They kinda freak me out. Like when I walk on any bridge I get that nervous feeling my legs will spasm and I'll just jump off. Similar to when I hold a glizzy – I just gotta start bustin'.

This design detail was added through the lens of utilitarian workwear in America. It's my take on our collective obsession with guns and my passion to create contextual utilitarian fashion. These pockets do a great job of holding other shit too.

I guarantee you'll love this jacket as much as I do. If you wanna get at me, reply to this email. But please do so after you order.

Thanks for your continued support.