In 2003, Josh D, a native San Franciscan, started making graphic t-shirts with a focus on original artwork by Mike Giant. He wanted to deliver the punk DIY attitude shared among his friends to the world through unique products. REBEL8 incorporates subcultures into workwear-inspired apparel, through the lens of San Francisco in the 90s.

REBEL8 began at 833 Divisadero Street, a less than two hundred square foot studio apartment in central San Francisco. On the wall was the art for the first catalog. And just below that, a warehouse listing used for daily inspiration. Three years later, REBEL8 moved in. Beneath the loft bed was all the inventory. Each morning the boxes went outside into the alley to ship orders. The bike with basket was used to slang tees around the city. The kitchen was mainly used for box storage. This is what starting a brand in 2003 with five-hundred bucks looks like.

REBEL8 remains independently owned and operated. Our reach is global.