A couple of years ago I wrote down the vision I had for REBEL8. That may sound odd as we've been around for 21 years now, but I didn't start REBEL8 with a business plan or with more money than some people carry in their pocket.
My original intent, that still holds true today, was to showcase the lifestyle of me and my friends to the world through unique products. REBEL8 has been amateur-hour out the gate: forever failing, continually learning, and adapting in real time. It's amazing how far stubbornness can take you, especially when most people prefer you to lose. Strangers don't give a fuck, and most are haters anyways. But friends and family don't necessarily want you to win either. Their love is actually led by fear. That fear prevents them from supporting your goals outside of the established norm. My mom always wanted me to become a doctor. But I'm an entrepreneur. And like being a doctor, it's not really a choice. You either are or you're not.
So anyways, I put pen to paper of the REBEL8 Core Values & Beliefs some years ago. Basically, the rules that I have created for REBEL8 that we live by and are prepared to die for. I've kept it secret, until now. And the only reason why I am sharing this is so you have a deeper understanding of who we are as a brand. 
Let me add, some of these core values are not unique to REBEL8. That isn't the point. Countless companies can copy this list or share our values. But it's not about that. It's about committing to a value system always, in all ways, and never folding. So let's get to it. In no particular order.
REBEL8 is a design-driven company, not a sales-driven company.
What does this really mean? It means that we care more about what we put out versus what money we bring in. And this isn't just saying this shit to say it. Remember, this list has been internal for years. Our actions have proven that we are far more focused on design. More REBEL8 projects than you can even imagine have broken even at best. I am lightweight regretful of only breaking even so many times that we added PROFIT as a core value that I will explain later.
While being “original” is greatly subjective, we should strive to produce new products: think and act independently.
Dedication to quality: quality of product, quality of service, quality of relationships, quality of communications, and quality of promises.
I have been pushing hard to bring quality up on every level. As stated above, it's not just about releasing a quality product but more so infusing this value into every aspect of the REBEL8 brand.
Commitment to integrity: being honest and having strong moral principles.
In the fashion space, this is not very popular. It saddens me that so many people and brands operate with lack of integrity. I feel this core value only really shines over time and is proven when word is bond, decade after decade.
Respect for the individual: customers, employees, people in our supply chain, et al. Respect for our people at all levels, and from all backgrounds. Simply put, treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Easier said than done.
My biggest challenge with this core value is maintaining respect for someone that has blatantly been disrespectful to me or REBEL8. I've come up with a twist that has helped me tremendously. Because I have so much respect for myself and REBEL8, I won't come out of character because someone else has acted contradictory to how we operate. Instead, I simply remove myself from the situation and hope they take a long walk off a short pier.
In 21 years of REBEL8 business, I've seen a lot of motherfuckers come and go. There are many reasons why we are still here. Some of those reasons are within these core values that I am sharing with you today.
Do no harm but take no shit.
This has to be my favorite core value because it is so perfectly fitting of how we've always operated as individuals, as a team, and as a brand.
Charge a fair price for our products and achieve sufficient profit to cover the risks of economic activity. Profit is not the sole goal of our lives but must be a result of our contribution.
This is the final core value that I wish we lived by since our inception. It would have potentially prevented or at least mitigated many of the financial challenges of business.
Well, I know I just wrote a ridiculous amount of words, but I felt so strongly to share them with you. I hope it allows you to have a stronger connection with REBEL8, minimally in understanding what we value as a brand.