REBEL8 x Dudley Perkins

This collaboration is with legendary Harley-Davidson dealership, Dudley Perkins Company, founded in San Francisco in 1914. DPC is the oldest, continuously family-owned and operated Harley-Davidson dealership in the world.

REBEL8’s connection to this fourth-generation business goes back to the 90s in San Francisco when the City was not only Harley territory but also the skateboard capital of the world.

I used to skate everyday with Chris Perkins, Dudley’s great-grandson. We’d meet up at 4 o’clock at DPC on 66 Page Street, and head out skating Downtown through Union Square and finally out to Pier 7. It was a daily ritual that I’ll forever look fondly on.

I have a huge amount of respect for heritage brands and even more for the ones that remain family-owned and operated. Dudley Perkins Co. is a great American company with a rich and unique history that has sustained for over 100 years. 

Part of their mission statement is, “Do the job in a way that shows respect for your customer and for your fellow workers. Forgive them their shortcomings, as you want to be forgiven yours. Stand tall but not too tall as to be above the crowd, for you are but one of that crowd.”

I think we could all learn a little something from that. This collaboration is as much about product as it is about friendship and connecting my past to REBEL8 long before the brand ever existed.

Founder & Owner