Against The Stream

What started as a young man's memoir about a rebel generation, became an inward revolution for thousands of people seeking peace and freedom. Dharma Punx was created by Noah Levine as a term to describe his alignment with Buddhism and punk ideology.  Today, Levine's Against the Stream centers have over 2,000 attendees a month and the Dharma Punx nation consists of over 25 groups and "meditation gangs" across the US, creating a modern road to personal truth for all.

The collaborative collection highlights the common ground both brands proudly share: loyalty, respect, punk attitude and artistic freedom.

"The path to awakening is one of rebellion - a subversive path that is against greed, against hatred, and against delusion. It is a path of radical, engaged transformation, a path of finding freedom and spending the rest of our lives giving it away.  It is a path that goes Against the Stream." -Noah Levine