Founded by Josh D in 2003, REBEL8 began in his small San Francisco studio apartment with five-hundred dollars. He wanted to deliver the anti-authority sentiment and DIY attitude shared among his friends to the world through unique products.



This is where REBEL8 started, in my small studio apartment at 833 Divisadero St. in San Francisco.

I spent an uncomfortable amount of time at this desk I built running the business. Beneath it is the receiver that powered punk music through two speakers, a plastic filing cabinet, scanner, and fax machine. Hanging above my desk is the art for our first catalog. Taped to my wall just below that is a listing for an available warehouse space that I couldn’t afford but stare at for inspiration. A few years later, I finally moved REBEL8 into that exact warehouse.

Beneath my loft bed was all the inventory. 

Each morning I’d move the boxes to this alley just outside my apartment where I’d ship orders. It worked for awhile, until me and my friends got rained out.

I'd slang tees out the basket on this bicycle around the city.

I still own this bike (2001 Bianchi Pista).

This was my kitchen.

It was mainly used for box storage.

This is what starting a brand in 2003 with five-hundred bucks looks like.

Josh D
Founder & CEO