Until Death Wallet
Until Death Wallet
Until Death Wallet

Until Death Wallet

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In collaboration with Firestorm Handcrafted Goods
Each wallet has been meticulously hand carved, tooled and dyed individually
Waxed thread and a hand-stitched saddle stitch secure the exterior and interior for maximum strength
Eight hours of manual labor to produce each wallet
Heirloom quality built to last a lifetime
Note: Each wallet is coated with Neatsfoot oil to help preserver the leather. Upon receipt, they can be wiped down with a soft cloth to remove excess oil. Over time with regular use, the wallets will soften up and darken slightly as the oils from your hands and dyes from your pants will transfer to the leather. This is normal.
Made in USA
100% Leather
Exterior: 6 oz natural vegetable tanned leather
Interior: 2 oz goat skin leather
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