Vizie Q&A

Vizie Interview by H+ Creative

H+: Tell me about the series of graphics you put together for the REBEL8 collection. What were the themes that you were working with on these pieces?

VIZIE: This series is a mix of NY for me. Referencing the corner store, construction worker shirts, nail salon neon and naturally the graffiti.

H+: They definitely have a NY edge to them. How long have you been based in NY? How does the city influence your work?

VIZIE: I’ve been here about 10 years now. This city can really engulf you. To me these seem more neighborhood oriented. Lately I have been staying put more than usual, I used to travel a lot and feel like only now am I really experiencing the city as my home.

H+: What was your previous history with the REBEL8 brand?

VIZIE: I have known about the brand since the start. I knew Josh as the owner of the old SF graffiti site which was a huge influence for me growing up. Also Mike Giant's involvement from the start. He also influenced me as a young artist.

H+: I know you sometimes include hidden words or phrases in your works. Are you going to reveal where those are in these?

VIZIE: I think the only hidden things are in the bodega graphic. I usually try to hide my name in the address or something. It helps that NYC actually has an Ave V and an E. 121st Street

H+: Are the locations inspired from real life, or created graphics?

VIZIE: Again the bodega graphic comes to mind. Which is really pulled from a bunch of classic NY bodegas. There is a specific look that doesn’t exist in other cities. I tried to draw a lot from my memories fo things I liked or noticed and kind of mashed them all together into one made up store.

H+: The color palette is pretty minimal on these, a little bit of a departure from some of your recent neon work. Was this intentional in the vibe of the line?

VIZIE: I usually try to strip colors down for apparel. I personally like bright neon colors but not to wear. I think it works in some instances but it's best to go simple and work up from there.

H+: Three words to describe your collection with REBEL8?

VIZIE: 5AM bodega run.

H+: What other visual artists are you really into at the moment?

VIZIE: Tom Wessleman, Roids, Dmote, Sam Friedman