Tokyo Part 2

I'm not claiming I'm back blogging, but here is Tokyo Part 2/2. Check out Tokyo Part 1 if you haven't already.

Skid marks.

See-say advertising.

Travel rule #1: Never leave America without Imodium. If you forget, show any pharmacy in Japan the below photo and you're welcome.

Tower Records is alive and well [in Japan].

Splitting lanes.

Street art.

Due to the capitalization of the letter C, I actually think this sign is in reference to Steph Curry.


Fried fish served over the fried fish.

The richest broth I have ever tasted.

Fuk 12.

Half of you think this is a swastika.

Thousand yard stare.

Get some.


Broken promises.

Don't be a fool. Stay in school.

Spot on.




Fatty tuna.

Some of the best sushi I've ever devoured.

Live fat.

Best uni.

Best fatty tuna.

Smallest bathroom.

Bape bildos.


Walk hard.

My last photo in Tokyo.

Thanks Japan! Next stop, Seoul.