Boss Halloween Costumes & New York Egg Rolls

Kool name of a restaurant that I'll never eat at.

Let there be no doubt...

I love seeing animals do human things. Like being a creep in van in a parking lot.

First person to correctly identify this location and email customer service will receive a $10 gift certificate.


Brett rockin' that last season long sleeve joint. If you hadn't noticed, we're only selling current collection in our online shop. You snooze you lose.


From experience this is not what happens.

Went shopping for Halloween costumes. There were so many choices! I didn't realize how difficult of a decision this would be. Racist or nah?

What about this one?

Thought the Banana Hoodie one was kool.

That was until I found Rasta Banana.


Stalker. I'm glad it includes pants.

I loved the names of these two costumes; Cabaret Cutie and Zebralicious.

Drop dead legs.

Rockabilly Kit.

Blue Baby Jammies AKA Baby Riley.

And then there was Skeleboner.


Kinda hard to say no to this costume. Pun intended.

But you'd have to have been scoping my Snapchat (joshyrebel8) to see what costume I ended up going with. Mmm egg rolls.

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