Santa Monica Airlines

I tried to escape the heat by heading further west to Santa Monica. It didn't really work out but I still had fun. 

Eye in the sky.

I love California.

I also love the beach, but I really hate the sand.

6:15ish on the dot.

Send your best caption to for a chance to win some REBEL8.

Nice shot.

Cruisin' SMA.

Wheel in the sky.


9th Floor alleyway.


You should probably just get a car.

I average a night a week in a hotel.


Trash bike.

Power couple.


One love.

Cha cha chicken.


And while I was Santa Monicaing it, Askew painted our loading ramp.

And Fanakapan did a R8 in his signature ballooon letters inside our warehouse.

Today is Monday, and this Monday doesn't suck.

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