The Best Clothing Sample Sale

This past weekend we had our 3rd sample sale here in our Downtown Los Angeles warehouse. By far, this was the most crackin' and the best clothing sample sale ever. Rowell Marcos was first in line! He camped out for 26-hours before doors opened. He did receive a Mike Giant original for his hours of sitting patiently in the blazing sun. Hard work pays off. Congrats!

Open, open, open, opening.

I was the official greeting committee and personally thanked as many people as I could that camped out the night before.

Number one and me.

While sample tees were selling at $10 a pop, hugs were free.

All smiles.

Kellen Ellis of Bicycle Coffee was one of our sample sale vendors.

I don't drink coffee but I heard this brew is the shit.

Married folk.

Rad to consistently see new REBEL8 tattoos at every event we do.

The first 50 campers received a signed & numbered print.

Parking lot.

Signing REBEL8 x Vans.

Oh Hey, Mandee, and I.

Big thanks to the TITS Crew for coming through and hookin' up our parking lot wall.

Menace came through from the past/future with his LA Gear's and CyBoard.

The Big Lobo from The Lobos Truck.

Hubert's Lemonade.

Computer Jay.

Inside the machine.

The Game Over by Yeastie Boys Bagels.


All photos thanks to Mike Dravis.

See you next year!

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