On June 8 we release our collaborative t-shirt with Branded Arts and the Los Angeles Unified Schools District for the Robert F. Kennedy Schools.

You’ve probably seen our posts of the amazing artists that have donated their talents to this project. You also saw our REBEL8 design team teach a workshop at the school too. But what you don’t know is how deeply personal this collaboration is to me.

I didn't grow up in LA, but I did go to public school. I saw first-hand how lack of funding cripples an entire school system. I vividly remember seeing a fresh coat of green paint being applied to sections of our concrete yard as we didn’t have a single patch of real grass anywhere.  I recall using text books so old that even the history ones were no longer accurate. But what saddened me most was seeing Arts programs literally stop. See, for public schools, the Arts are the very first to be put on the chopping block of countless cuts. And to me, the Arts are no less important than any other subject.

So I'm honored to have this opportunity to work with Branded Arts and do something rad for the kids at the RFK Schools. Just because my public school experience sucked, doesn’t mean it has to for these kids and thousands of future students.

Visit on June 8 to buy this shirt. All proceeds go to the LAUSD.

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