Warehouse Sale

This past Saturday was literally, AMAZING. I was shocked to get a Snap (follow me at joshyrebel8) from Jackie who camped out with Jessica starting Thursday night! Last year Rowell was first when he arrived Friday, but this year he was knocked back by showing up at the same time. Shout out to Jonathan too for always being in the top 8!

The first 8 positions in line are the most coveted. Last Friday those slots were full by lunch. When you are one of the first 8 you get the celebrity treatment. On Friday morning, we invited them inside into our kitchen for breakfast with the entire REBEL8 crew. Around lunch I personally went outside to kick it for a minute. We provide picnic tables, a tent, clean bathroom, power adapters, and help them in anyway we can. I give them whatever they need and access to my entire staff to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and appreciated.

Come Saturday morning, the first 8 are truly rewarded with an unrushed shopping experience, me acting as your personal shopping guide, photos and videos, gift bags filled with exclusive merchandise, and whatever else we come up with. This year one of the many prizes was 8 limited edition hand screenprinted prints that have never been released. Each of the first 8 got the complete set. It is only after the first 8 are completely done shopping and exit the building that we open our doors to the rest of the line.

I acknowledge not everyone can be in the first 8. But that doesn't mean it can't be you!

On a side note, we plan on doing some more rad shit for everyone that camps out or waits in line for next year's warehouse sale. I appreciate each and every one of you greatly. Thank you so much for coming out, showing us love, and spreading the eight.

Jackie & Jessica were the first in line. They camped out starting Thursday.

Last year's first line, Rowell.

Mars & Joshy.

Victor Koast.

Heidi & Carlos, 2015's #1 REBEL8.com customer, came thru for a tour of the HQ.

REBEL8's Kerstyn and Mandee.

This dude drove out from Texas. Salute!

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