Happy Birthday to us! Tomorrow we turn 13 years old. For the past few days I've been reminiscing hella hard about REBEL8. Thinking about my old 10' x 10' apartment where I started the brand, to our very first warehouse, second warehouse, and to the gigantic building we now operate out of today. I've also been thinking about all the employees we've had over the years; both the good, bad, and eh. REBEL8 has always been very personal to me, which at times makes my job that much more challenging. It's hard at times to run cold with the business when your heart is hot and full of passion.

Over these 13 years, like REBEL8, I've grown tremendously too. I mean how could I not? I started this brand back in 2003 when I was just 22 years old. I said back then that I'd still be doing this REBEL8 thing today, but I question if I truly understood the magnitude of those words. I'm incredibly humbled that you've given me the opportunity to stay in business and live my dream for all these years. Thank you.

Photography: Ethan Scott

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