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Office days at REBEL8 HQ

Week 35

Drew Merritt came by to grab some gear and mess around on the trike. 

A recent trip to NYC from one of our own Brett Thomas.

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On June 8 we release our collaborative t-shirt with Branded Arts and the Los Angeles Unified Schools District for the Robert F. Kennedy Schools.

You’ve probably seen our posts of the amazing artists that have donated their talents to this project. You also saw our REBEL8 design team teach a workshop at the school too. But what you don’t know is how deeply personal this collaboration is to me.

I didn't grow up in LA, but I did go to public school. I saw first-hand how lack of funding cripples an entire school system. I vividly remember seeing a fresh coat of green paint being applied to sections of our concrete yard as we didn’t have a single patch of real grass anywhere.  I recall using text books so old that even the history ones were no longer accurate. But what saddened me most was seeing Arts programs literally stop. See, for public schools, the Arts are the very first to be put on the chopping block of countless cuts. And to me, the Arts are no less important than any other subject.

So I'm honored to have this opportunity to work with Branded Arts and do something rad for the kids at the RFK Schools. Just because my public school experience sucked, doesn’t mean it has to for these kids and thousands of future students.

Visit REBEL8.com on June 8 to buy this shirt. All proceeds go to the LAUSD.







Smoke Something

The Smoke Something Mini-Pack contains one custom REBEL8 X Medtainer, one custom REBEL8 X Bic Lighter, and one pack of premium rolling papers all designed, produced, and tested by us. The Medtainer is the very first patented air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with a built-in grinder.

This drops on 5/20 exclusively in our online shop.

Legalize it. Don't criticize it. Smoke Something. Stoner.

Warehouse Sale

This past Saturday was literally, AMAZING. I was shocked to get a Snap (follow me at joshyrebel8) from Jackie who camped out with Jessica starting Thursday night! Last year Rowell was first when he arrived Friday, but this year he was knocked back by showing up at the same time. Shout out to Jonathan too for always being in the top 8!

The first 8 positions in line are the most coveted. Last Friday those slots were full by lunch. When you are one of the first 8 you get the celebrity treatment. On Friday morning, we invited them inside into our kitchen for breakfast with the entire REBEL8 crew. Around lunch I personally went outside to kick it for a minute. We provide picnic tables, a tent, clean bathroom, power adapters, and help them in anyway we can. I give them whatever they need and access to my entire staff to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and appreciated.

Come Saturday morning, the first 8 are truly rewarded with an unrushed shopping experience, me acting as your personal shopping guide, photos and videos, gift bags filled with exclusive merchandise, and whatever else we come up with. This year one of the many prizes was 8 limited edition hand screenprinted prints that have never been released. Each of the first 8 got the complete set. It is only after the first 8 are completely done shopping and exit the building that we open our doors to the rest of the line.

I acknowledge not everyone can be in the first 8. But that doesn't mean it can't be you!

On a side note, we plan on doing some more rad shit for everyone that camps out or waits in line for next year's warehouse sale. I appreciate each and every one of you greatly. Thank you so much for coming out, showing us love, and spreading the eight.

Jackie & Jessica were the first in line. They camped out starting Thursday.

Last year's first line, Rowell.

Mars & Joshy.

Victor Koast.

Heidi & Carlos, 2015's #1 REBEL8.com customer, came thru for a tour of the HQ.

REBEL8's Kerstyn and Mandee.

This dude drove out from Texas. Salute!


Happy Birthday to us! Tomorrow we turn 13 years old. For the past few days I've been reminiscing hella hard about REBEL8. Thinking about my old 10' x 10' apartment where I started the brand, to our very first warehouse, second warehouse, and to the gigantic building we now operate out of today. I've also been thinking about all the employees we've had over the years; both the good, bad, and eh. REBEL8 has always been very personal to me, which at times makes my job that much more challenging. It's hard at times to run cold with the business when your heart is hot and full of passion.

Over these 13 years, like REBEL8, I've grown tremendously too. I mean how could I not? I started this brand back in 2003 when I was just 22 years old. I said back then that I'd still be doing this REBEL8 thing today, but I question if I truly understood the magnitude of those words. I'm incredibly humbled that you've given me the opportunity to stay in business and live my dream for all these years. Thank you.

Photography: Ethan Scott

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