Week 46

Thanks to Auto Club Speedway & The ID Agency for an amazing day. REBEL8 got to participate in the first ACS Dream Day yesterday. We drove some fast ass carts, half-a-milli exotics and ended the day with a couple laps around the track in a fucking Nascar whip!

Week 45

Boss Halloween Costumes & New York Egg Rolls

Kool name of a restaurant that I'll never eat at.

Let there be no doubt...

I love seeing animals do human things. Like being a creep in van in a parking lot.

First person to correctly identify this location and email customer service will receive a $10 REBEL8.com gift certificate.


Brett rockin' that last season long sleeve joint. If you hadn't noticed, we're only selling current collection in our online shop. You snooze you lose.


From experience this is not what happens.

Went shopping for Halloween costumes. There were so many choices! I didn't realize how difficult of a decision this would be. Racist or nah?

What about this one?

Thought the Banana Hoodie one was kool.

That was until I found Rasta Banana.


Stalker. I'm glad it includes pants.

I loved the names of these two costumes; Cabaret Cutie and Zebralicious.

Drop dead legs.

Rockabilly Kit.

Blue Baby Jammies AKA Baby Riley.

And then there was Skeleboner.


Kinda hard to say no to this costume. Pun intended.

But you'd have to have been scoping my Snapchat (joshyrebel8) to see what costume I ended up going with. Mmm egg rolls.

Dabs & Myla & Glendale

Paid a visit to Roger Gastman at the Modernica Factory in Vernon, CA to peep the Dabs & Myla art show. Impressed with their installation is an understatement.

My weekly escape.

Good advert.

Gnarly fucker in front of my house.


Well that was fun.


Glendale, CA.


Week 43

This Week In Rock

Working on some signage for a new account.

Brett helped me out a lot with this project. Thanks dude.

1/1. Don't ask.

Super stoked and very thankful for this amazing gift from Adam.

His company Throwaway Customs takes old skateboard decks and reincarnates them. This one now lives in our lounge. Thanks Adam.

Style goals.

Los Angeles.

Decisions, decisions.

Oppress drug hot cheetah or that hoodlum tho?


Don't be an asshole.

Bitch don't kill my vibe.

Handball courts.

Private residence.

Ghetto bird.

Monte Cristo.

Prime Rib (not from Monte Cristo).

Santa Monica Airlines

I tried to escape the heat by heading further west to Santa Monica. It didn't really work out but I still had fun. 

Eye in the sky.

I love California.

I also love the beach, but I really hate the sand.

6:15ish on the dot.

Send your best caption to shop@REBEL8.com for a chance to win some REBEL8.

Nice shot.

Cruisin' SMA.

Wheel in the sky.


9th Floor alleyway.


You should probably just get a car.

I average a night a week in a hotel.


Trash bike.

Power couple.


One love.

Cha cha chicken.


And while I was Santa Monicaing it, Askew painted our loading ramp.

And Fanakapan did a R8 in his signature ballooon letters inside our warehouse.

Today is Monday, and this Monday doesn't suck.

Askew & Drew

Askew and Drew Merritt came over to play.

Bob Jr. was also in the building.

Union Station With Nikki

Quick hangs Downtown with Nikki Howard.


Luciana came up from San Diego to shoot with us in Los Angeles. Here are some photos.


Jared stopped by R8HQ yesterday for a quick photo sesh.


Met up with Georgio and shot some stuff around DTLA. Good to catch up and snap some photos.

Local Motors

Thanks to Local Motors for sending this thing over. We're loving our new toy over here at R8HQ!

Big Dicks Hardware

Stopped by OG Slick's new shop Big Dicks Hardware in Gardena, CA. It's a really clean shop and well put together. Stoked on how much business they've already had seen since opening just last week. Congrats to Slick and the crew.

BTS: Fall '15 Lookbook

The morning started with a coffee before our call time of 6:30AM at REBEL8 HQ. We headed up to the Angeles National Forest. When we got up there the light was so epic. We made our way into the mountains through vast and windy roads, finally ending up at a random cafe. We then continued on our search for good shoot locations. 

Photos by Linnea Stephan

Aftermath Entertainment

We had the opportunity to swing by Aftermath Entertainment and check it out. We dropped off some new REBEL8 and hung out for a bit. Here are some photos.


Lots of stuff going on last week over here at R8HQ; design meetings, ice cream, retired Vans, and Brett turned 30!

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