Cheese Girl

Bob is my driver today.


Place of bidness.



Pop-up shop.


Flack Blag.

Popular items.


My photographer, Jun.

Little skate spot right by the hotel.

Big bag take little bag.

I love me a Cheese Girl. And Philly cheesesteak.


Super helpful menu.

As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Went out to Taiwan to kick it with our Asia sales agency Lula Apparel. They are currently moving into their new Taipei offices. We've been with Lula since '06 and together we've both grown steadily. Today we are their biggest account and fittingly, they're ours too.

Vanson and Baby Lisa's desks.


Conference room.

Asia limited.

Sneak peek of the next issue of Fliper. REBEL8 is the cover story.

And I'm stuntin' on the inside cover.


Serenity below.

As nasty as they wanna be.


Hella scooters and two bikes with shocks.

Time Out

Taking a few days off from blogging. I leave for Taiwan shortly. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos of my next trip. In the mean time, please make sure you're following me on Instagram. And peep Giant's blog which is now a curated Tumblr feed of that good.

Back Then

Ten years ago today, almost to the very hour, I received a phone call from this chick I hit on Craigslist about an available studio apartment in SF. I vividly remember hearing my Nokia ring and putting down my paint brush. Remember, this was 2004 and for the first couple of years of REBEL8 I had hella jobs. On this particular day I was a painter. She said the apartment was still available and to come check it out. Rent was just $695 a month! And for the first time I'd finally have my own apartment. I went from Lower all the way to Divis in seconds. Here are a few photos of 833 Divisadero before I moved in that I've never posted or shown anyone until now. Thank you 833. I'll never forget you.

Tattoo Girl

Next week I'll be in Taiwan promoting our Taipei pop-up shop, releasing our limited distribution "Tattoo Girl" t-shirt, doing a grip of interviews, visiting REBEL8 stockists, judging a tattoo convention, sightseeing and eating new foods, and documenting it all on this blog, the REBEL8 Instagram, and my new personal one, joshyrebel8. I greatly look forward to meeting all of you!

Me and Giant.

The original REBEL8.

Circa '98

Dave Kinsey came through the REBEL8 compound to sign some posters with Giant. "Circa '98" marks their 4th collaboration and revisits their classic pen and ink style. For $120, you can pre-order now at

Ambi Turner

I've never been an ambi turner. I can't turn left. So when I exit our lounge to the warehouse I see this...

And have to keep turning all the way right to eventually see this...

Went to check out 1982.

Big congrats to the homies Scott...

And Noah on their latest venture. 1982 is fucking amazeballs. I'm going to be very easy to find come this Summer.

And while I could easily blog about how delicious Wurstküche is, and how I typically prefer gator dick links over lamb nut franks, maybe the new shit is just photoing other people photoing their food. Boom! That was your delicious mind, being blown to tasty little bacon bits.

Hours later, still glued to this Metallica pinball game.

 But I still got love for you X-Men. Don't trip.

That Wolverine tho.

New High Score. What does that mean? Did I break it?


A couple of weeks ago I swung through a great shop called Backside in Burbank, CA.


They've been proudly carrying REBEL8 for a few years. I'm going to go on a tangent now, so please skip to the next photo if you hate learning. Back in '06 we produced a lot of socks in a domestic factory in National City. They were thick socks of the highest quality. If you're an OG REBEL8er you may still have a pair in your sock drawer today. Big thanks to Tribal Gear for putting us on to Vanari Knitting Mills. In '08 I think ownership changed and the factory shut down. Our sock game immediately crumbled and it honestly wasn't until last year that we started heavily producing socks again. So check it, years ago the owner of this domestic sock factory took all of his original machines over to the Philippines. And until 2013 it's been radio silence. I've now learned it took him a lot longer than expected to restaff and open up a new facility. So to make a long story short, a few of the socks you see in the photo below are from his new factory and made to the same exact high quality standards, on the very same machines, as our very first socks.

Wait what. Huf makes socks too? Really, Huf!? Weed socks? Good luck bro, but I doubt these will ever be popular or result in you becoming one of the biggest and most successful streetwear companies in the world.

Freddie Gibbs went live on Shade 45.

He's a kool dude.

Speaking of kool dudes. I met Kool Keith. He's super kool. And he's not the black dude in perfect focus.

Close your eyes and concentrate. Focus.

Dance the night away.

In Gotham City/Burbank?

Is it Friday yet!? I'm trying to get fucked up just right.

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

Damn near killed someone swerving off the road the moment my eyes saw Ecto-1.


Thought it would be rude to not photo Ecto-1's neighbor.

It Was All A Dream

I've been to Giant's parent's house in Albuquerque a handful of times. On each visit I stumble into Pete's barbershop located in the front of the single-story house Mike spent all of his teenage life, and I think, a few years prior.

Most parents are naturally proud of their kids and boldly display or flaunt their child's artwork and deem mere scribbles as masterpieces. And like most parents they stop putting their kids' art on the fridge when their little ones, well, stop being so little. At the LeSage's, the entire house is adorned with their son's work. The scribbles on the fridge now have a little more detail, but the artist has remain unchanged. Truthfully, most of the art on the walls today has been done within the past decade well-after Giant's popularity exploded. Unquestionably, the collection they have organically amassed over forty-plus years is ridiculous. And it don't stop.

A fully-operational barbershop with neon.

An exclusive print sprinkled with some originals.

If this wall could eBay...

Mas Gigante.

Think Skateboards brought Mike Giant to San Francisco in 1992. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

An original from Mike to his dad on his 58th birthday. Pete jokingly said, 'He must've did it in the driveway just before he rang the doorbell."

Years ago in Giant's Oakland studio. A terrific photo by Chris Woodcock.

The rest of these photos and illustrations I can guarantee you've never seen before.


Mardi Gras '86.


Cluster fuck.


Mike at the dentist.


High school Giant.

Mike's promo date/photo. Wold Wide Web, you are welcome!

We spent a couple more hours in the barbershop pointing at things, laughing at photos, telling stores and just having fun with the family. 

Back to the living room to decompress with the Kachinas. 

And then back out into the darkness.

I Can Fill That Empty Feeling

Clean plate club.

That leather dick tho.


Very nice.

Street art.

Obese seductions.

Public parks rule.

The McDuffie Park Little Library. Duh.

Los LeSages.

Los Lovers.


I meant tiburon. Lo ciento.

"Living legend".


 Los Cuates.


Santa Fe

This reminds me of our Real Recognize Real graphic.

That gun-knife tho.

Mall rat.



Giant walking.

Me and MG.

We ride Chevy.

Mmm burger.

Spring '14 Lookbook

Spring '14 exhibits a selection of tees, hoodies and pullovers emblazoned with REBEL8’s signature script and logo. Denim jackets draw inspiration from vintage motorcycle apparel and button-up shirts see updated “zeus” prints. Flannel shirts and khaki pants are a reoccurring staple, while trademark headwear designs further the label’s gritty aesthetics. Styled over a backdrop made up of Mike Giant‘s hand-illustrated tattoo flash, the lookbook reinforces REBEL8’s bold, graphic-heavy designs in streetwear. Click here to see larger images. Click here to shop Spring '14 in our online store.

Shidoni: Final Round

No entry.

Think quality. I love this phrase.

Turnt off.



The first step of the lost wax bronze casting process begins with an original sculpture. This is usually created from wax or clay, though other materials can be used as well.

Good housekeeping.

These rubber molds are used to form wax figures.

Molten wax is poured into the rubber mold, producing a perfect copy of the original sculpture.




Happy Friday!

Shidoni: Round Two

I observed a recent pouring back at the Shidoni Foundry. This is only one part (there are 10) of the lost wax bronze casting process. The below photos are from step 7, when the ceramic shell is removed from the kiln and molten bronze is immediately poured at a temperature of 2100-degrees Fahrenheit. Bronze is actually an alloy of 94% copper, 1% manganese, 4% silicon, .02% lead, .02% tin, and .06% zinc.

Shidoni: Round One

Mike Giant.

Combinación de La Choza.

Thik as thiev.


Shidoni sculpture garden.

Rust-percent milk.

Bronze anime.

Blurred lines.

Expensive piece.


Museum Of International Folk Art

Checked out an enormous exhibit of miniature exhibits.

Dos sistas.

Every time I see a mask I think of the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Time flies.

Teddy Ruxpin?

Los Jews.

Super fresh Japanese kite exhibit. Tako kichi!

Carp are a symbol of strength, tenacity, and courage.

A popular kite-type is the yakko-dako. This kite takes the form of a man, whose disposition is typically stern, if not browbeating. Yakko were footmen who served the samurai. Their lasting impression was that of a bully, pushing "commoners" out of the way or otherwise displacing them as the samurai came through an area.

Sick wid it.

Ta Ta Tuesday.


Began the day at Owl Cafe.

With some bomb ass chorizo.

Then we got back on the road.

Out to Madrid. Check out this railcar crib.




Rarin' to go.


Maggie May's.

Two for fives.

On that lean.


Snail mail.


Giant convict.

Back on the road.

Happy Monday!

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