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Spent last week in Sweden. Here are a few photos from Uppsala.

Giant Blackbook

International icon of black ink, artist Mike Giant incorporates a broad swathe of skills in the creation of a singular, unmistakable aesthetic. Giant's central practice, drawing, is informed by his training in architectural drafting, his illustrious career as a tattooist, and worldwide exploits of writing on walls. Here in his personalized journal, produced in association with Gingko Press, 108 pages of wide open blackbook potential is peppered with 10 spreads of Giant’s amazing hand scripts and drawings.

Additionally, two exclusive limited-run graphic tees of our favorite pages from the blackbook have also been produced.

All products are available to buy here.


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Stay The Course

Collins & Elizabeth.

Australian for burger.

You better check yo self.

Wet paint.





Urban canopy.


Unknown. That arthritis tho.

We Care A Lot


It's casual.

We care a lot.


Shout out Evolve.

I'm talking to YOU.

Hella back stories.


Here are some photos I snapped in Melbourne, Australia.




Heaps of rocks.




Bad Decisions Make For Great Blogs

Sydney, Australia.



He told me this hat is counterfeit.


Giant graffiti.

Giant human.

After painting we hit the local tattoo shop.

You know a shop is legit when they got the LA Ink DVD playing. Yes, I tagged their wall.

And this man-thigh.

Time to say goodbye to my Sydney crib.

Floor 27.

Peace out, Sydney!

Hello, Melbourne.




Deb Dot.



Elinasay Ilesmay & Luke Shirlaw.

Leaders of the pack.



Met this kool dude at Beach Burrito Newtown.

A few months ago him and his mates bought a tattoo machine off eBay for $50. This is what happened.

Spread the 8!

Final Prayer

I went to check out REBEL8 stockist, Culture Kings Sydney. Shout out to Laura and the rest of the great staff there. But seriously. I really don't know why ugly ass shoes are so damn popular. I don't give a fuck if they were in one of the raddest movies either.

It was at Culture Kings that I met Dean.

Dean brought with him a shirt called Final Prayer that we released in our Spring/Summer 2005 collection. He purchased it from Digital Gravel and has been rocking it steady for almost a decade. Stoked is an understatement. This is real support and I'm very appreciative. Thanks Dean!

Blurry Sofles luh me.

Giant is addicted to Ut-spotting.

That commercial grade graffiti tho.

Westfield doing the most outchea.


Giant and I flew down to Australia specifically to speak at Vivid Sydney. But before our keynote, they wanted us to conduct an intimate master class on collaboration, art & business, credibility, and building a loyal fan base. I thank everyone who attended and I hope my stories and lessons not only inspired you, but help you grow your companies far beyond what I've built.

Killer conversations.

Giant put on a clinic and tied most of his words back to the ethos of graffiti.

I'm talking big, bitch. I'm talking big.

Moments before the sold out crowd took to their seats, I went over my notes as Giant did another interview.

Giant went first and gave the audience a complete personal history from birth to the beginnings of REBEL8 some 30 years later.

I simply told the story of REBEL8. It felt quite surreal to put 11 years of consistent hard work into a single 30-minute keynote speech. I am still completely humbled by all the amazing support I received that night and every day since I started my brand. Thank you so much for your time and for listening.

This is what 'sold out' means.

Afterwards, Deb Dot held down the merch booth.

With the young homie, Mike.

Giant signed a grip of autographs.


I like to think of my autographs as the periods on kool conversations that just went down. I love to engage fans and not only tell my story, but listen to theirs as well. REBEL8 has always been and still remains a personal passion project that you're a key part of.

Thank you to Nicole Reed for the amazing photos.

The Tinderella Backstory


Eat my jacket.




One of the best sandwiches on Earth [not from Taco Mafia].

Sofles stuntin'.

Giant fill.




The Tinderella Backstory is real.

Sydney 2014.


Hella gadgets en route to Bondi.

Bondi Beach is beautiful.


These fools.

No [Sofles] butts on the beach please.

Pug Life.

That ripped ass man-angel tho.

Off the wall.

Best skate park location ever.

Rockin' Authentics.


Hit up Beach Burrito and drank a few cold ones.

Ate a bomb pork pibil burrito.

They even had my favorite hot sauce!

And my favorite videographer, Selina Miles.

Cherie was in the building.

And the homie Sofles is always in the place to be.

Inception shit.

Happy Friday!

Damnit Zammit

Eddie Zammit is the happiest motherfucker you'll ever meet. Big thanks to him for all his help on this Australia tour.

That boa Sydney Opera House tho.

Damnit, Deb, Gigante, Mike.

2Pak back, 2Pack back.

Say what!?

Monster Children

"Doing it for the kids".

Thank you little top-window on the Defender.



Giant inking the walls of Monster Children's new HQ.

Le video.


As Giant worked, Lucille monster and I rolled spliffs and consumed alcoholic beverages.

30-minutes in.

I see you, Focker.

Final stages.


Campbell children.

Rebel Giant.

Beats, Rhymes and Light

Street Beat DJ'z.

Vivid Sydney.

Sickest light show I've ever witnessed.

Udon Giant.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Lick-Her In Sydney






Kool building.



I love Vittoria and her cappapino's.

Giant vegetarian.

Apple [bottom] taxis.

Starship Sydney.

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