Tattooing Wes Lang in NYC, 1999.

Dan Drehobl at China Banks, SF, 1990s.

Outward scriptural study is not important.  Of course, the Dhamma books are correct, but they are not right.  They cannot give you right understanding.  To see the word “anger” in print is not the same as experiencing anger.  Only experiencing for yourself can give you true faith.

- Ajahn Chah

Linda Darnell portrait by Alberto Vargas.

“Abraxas”, 2015.

Chip Kalback photo.

The enemy must not know where I intend to give battle.  For if he does not know where I intend to give battle he must prepare in a great many places.  And when he prepares in a great many places, those I have to fight in any one place will be few.

- Sun Tzu - from The Art of War

RIP Nekst.

Bill Medcalf.

Patience is the training in abiding with the restlessness of our energy and letting things evolve at their own speed.

- Pema Chodron

RIP Dash Snow.

Hockey Skateboards!

A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.

- David Deida

Goathedz, Burque, 2008.

Until one reaches the age of forty it is better to put off wisdom and discrimination and excel in vitality.  According to the person and rank, though a person has passed the age of forty, if he has no vitality, he will get no response from others.

- Yamamoto Tsunetomo - from Hagakure (The Book of the Samurai)

Paul Zuanich pro model, Think Skateboards, 1995.

Acoma Pueblo.

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Chip Kalback photo.

A teacher cannot really clear up our difficulties.  He is just a source to investigate the Path.  He can’t make it clear.  Actually what he says is not worth listening to.  The Buddha never praised believing in others.  We must believe in ourselves.  This is difficult, yes, but that’s really how it is.  We look outside but never really see.  We have to decide to really practice.  Doubts don’t disappear by asking others, but through our own unending practice.

- Ajahn Chah

View from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico.


Boris Vallejo.

Early in life I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.

- Malcolm X

Alberto Vargas (1896-1982).

Favorite album of all time.  Chip Kalback photo.

The Hopi cosmology explains that originally people were made from different colored clays and that ‘Upon them Spider Woman put the covering of creative wisdom, Her white substance cape is spun from her spider-being and to each human being She attaches a thread that leaps from the top of the head to Her own shimmering web. The Hopis… emphasize greatly the need to keep the ‘hole on the the top of the head’ open as this is the way we are connected to the inner vision and the web.’

- from Green Gold: Marijuana in Magic and Religion by Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn and Judy Osborn

“The Love Boat”, 2015.

For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity. One has to know what it means to be alone, what it is to meditate, what it is to die; and the implications of solitude, of meditation, of death, can be known only by seeking them out. These implications cannot be taught, they must be learnt. One can indicate, but learning by what is indicated is not the experiencing of solitude or meditation.

- J. Krishnamurti

KR, San Francisco, mid 1990s.


Alberto Vargas.

Even though peak experiences might show us the truth and inform us about why we are training, they are essentially no big deal. If we can’t integrate them into the ups and downs of our lives, if we cling to them, they will hinder us.

- Pema Chodron

Gary MSK.

Jay Adams RIP.

Good times with Sarah.

Illustration for Monster Children magazine.

When the enemy is at ease, be able to weary him; when well fed, to starve him; when at rest, to make him move.

- Sun Tzu - from The Art of War

“Savage Sword”, 2015.

Natas Kaupas in Streets on Fire (1989).

Alberto Vargas - Esquire Magazine, March 1943 .

Albuquerque, 1999.

A clever person watches others, but he watches with wisdom, not with ignorance.  If one watches with wisdom, one can learn much.  But if one watches with ignorance, one can only find faults.

- Ajahn Chah

Wes Lang.

Natas Kaupas.

Boulder, April 2015.  Chip Kalback photo.

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Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.

- Terence McKenna

“Lotte” (gift for Lotte Vanns), 2015.

Get to know the difference.  Sativa = High.  Indica = Stoned.

Phil Shao (1973-1998).

“Oil Wars” by Agree (RIP), Albuquerque, 1992.

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

- J. Krishnamurti

Natas Kaupas.

Illustration by Armand Vallee, from La Vie Parisienne, December 1925.

Teachers are those who point out the direction of the Path.  After listening to the teacher, whether or not we walk the Path by practising ourselves, and thereby, reap the fruits of practice, is strictly up to each one of us.

- Ajahn Chah

“Incarcerated”, 2015.

Lillian Gish as Annie Laurie.  Photo by John S. Robertson, 1927.

Todd Schorr.

My graffiti mentors, Luke “Doc” Hudson (left) and Richard “Agree” Castellano, May they rest in peace.

Patience is not learned in safety.

- Pema Chodron

My friend Dash Snow used to say this.  RIP Sace.

Dave Schubert photo.

Earl Moran.

Generally, he who occupies the field of battle first and awaits the enemy is at ease; he who comes later to the scene and rushes into the fight is weary.  And therefore those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him.

- Sun Tzu - from The Art of War


Scott Oster!

“Fantasy Island”, 2015.  Available May 15 from 1xRUN.

Gary Bigeni Australia Spring 2015 collection.

Come like the wind, go like the lightning.

- Chang Yu

Paris catacombs, 2008.


If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.

- J. Krishnamurti

“Dreams”, 2015.

Jim Phillips.

Gail Sorronda Australia Spring 2015 collection.

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