Big Dicks Hardware

Stopped by OG Slick's new shop Big Dicks Hardware in Gardena, CA. It's a really clean shop and well put together. Stoked on how much business they've already had seen since opening just last week. Congrats to Slick and the crew.

BTS: Fall '15 Lookbook

The morning started with a coffee before our call time of 6:30AM at REBEL8 HQ. We headed up to the Angeles National Forest. When we got up there the light was so epic. We made our way into the mountains through vast and windy roads, finally ending up at a random cafe. We then continued on our search for good shoot locations. 

Photos by Linnea Stephan

Aftermath Entertainment

We had the opportunity to swing by Aftermath Entertainment and check it out. We dropped off some new REBEL8 and hung out for a bit. Here are some photos.


Lots of stuff going on last week over here at R8HQ; design meetings, ice cream, retired Vans, and Brett turned 30!

Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole came by REBEL8 yesterday to model our very popular leggings and Summer side tie tank.

Madison Skye

Madison and I have been trying to shoot since last Summer! I finally got the chance to shoot her last week. Here are some photos.

Agenda: Long Beach

Hit if you want to carry REBEL8 in your shop. We are now prebooking Spring '16. Don't sleep!



Willow came by my studio in Long Beach last Friday to shoot. We went over to the Acres of Books for some lifestyle shots.


Reza and I headed out to the Los Angeles Arts District.

Ran into the Mayor of Skid Row, Pepper.


Ventura Warped Tour

Here are some photos from last weekend's Warped Tour



Alysha Nett & Mike Fuentes.


Mike Fuente's Pierce The Veil Warped Tour Truth x REBEL8 Drum Kit.

The kit came out killer.

Someone thinks I'm important.

Lunch at Tony's Pizzaria.

Riff Raffael.

Pierce The Veil is the headlining act for this year's Warped Tour.



This fucking guy.

Kingston photos, words by Joshy.

Erin Johnson

After yesterday's slurpee mission we grabbed some food and found a really big pink wall.


It's a hot day in LA today. Picked up Erin and headed to Melrose to get some slurpees. Originally tried to find Slush Puppies, but I don't think they exist anymore. Regardless, we killed some of this heat with some a good 'ol wild cherry.

Ink N Iron

Thanks to everyone that came by our booth this past weekend at Ink N Iron.

Brett & Mark.


Inside Queen Mary's belly.

Vendor row.

Now is the time.

For me to rise to my feet. Shout out Hatebreed.

Jamey Jasta

While in town for Ink N Iron, Jamey Jasta, lead singer of Hatebreed, stopped by R8HQ for a quick visit and tour. Joshy's episode of Jasta's podcast drops soon!

I Want You

 Graham and I met up in Silverlake to shoot REBEL8's "I Want You" capsule. 


Yesterday I went over to Long Beach Museum of Art to visit my buddy Greg Simkins AKA Craola. He, amongst many other artists, are currently doing installations at the museum. As part of Pow Wow Long Beach, it will be really awesome to see the final result of all the participating artists. Be sure to check out the event on June 26th.

National Donut Day

Jayme Foxx came thru REBEL8 HQ to hunt for gluten free donuts. She found some at Kettleglazed Doughnuts. Happy National Donut Day!


Kacy came by for a quick visit all the way from Canada. We've been friends for a while now. I showed her around the HQ and took a couple shots before she bounced. I'll visit soon!

Under The Floor Boards

Met up with Nikki Howard in Santa Monica for some sunshine and a little under the pier lurkin'.

Lunch Break

Tim came thru for a little skate sesh around the hood.

Ono' U: Sofles & Askew

Sofles and Askew did an awesome mural of a Tahitian girl in the heart of Downtown.

Ono' U: Faith 47

Faith's wall was HUGE. She used the natural texture of the wall as a background.

Ono' U: Seth Globepainter

Seth and a local unnamed Tahitian artist collaborated on this wall. 

Jayme Foxx

Jayme Foxx came by to say what up and shoot just a lil bit. Always a good time when she rolls through. Here is a sneak peek of REBEL8 Womens Summer '15.

Graham Nation

Graham was introduced to me by my friend Amanda a couple weeks back. Fresh from Denver, CO, he has only been in LA for a month. Graham came thru R8HQ and we wandered around dirty South LA snapping photos. Here is a sneak peek of REBEL8 Summer '15.

A Visit To The Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Took a trip over to Burbank, CA to visit Jay Howell and Jim Dirschberger, the creators of Sanjay and Craig. The vibe going on at Nickelodeon HQ is pretty awesome; energetic, enthusiastic, and generally-stoked employees. Jay and Jim gave us a quick tour around both buildings.

Joshy spread the 8.

Sponge Bob lurked.



The original-original Sanjay and Craig drawing.

Jay Howell's office.

We sat in on a rough cut of a Sanjay and Craig episode that won't air until 2017. Hilarious!


A wizard is never late.

Went over to Frank's across the street for lunch.

Then back to Nick for more laughs.

Jay Howell & Jim Dirschberger.


I found Astrid via Instagram hashtag #REBEL8. I had to get her to shoot with us! We met up and wandered the streets of the [Los Angeles] Arts District & 4th Street Bridge.

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Astrid lady8ers

Jim Sylvia & Unbreakable Tattoo

Last week I stopped by Unbreakable Tattoo to visit my buddy Jim Sylvia. I've known Jim for years. We attended neighboring art schools back in Boston, MA. I've gotten a couple of tattoos from him when he worked at Union Electric. And after seeing his amazing work on this visit, I made an appointment for next month! Stay tuned.

unbreakable tattoo

Mike Giant's Jason Jesse Santa Cruz legends skateboard deck.

Jim sylvia at unbreakable tattoo

tattoo station

tattoo station

jim sylvia

jim sylvia

spread the 8 rebel8

Jim sylvia at unbreakable tattoo

tattoo station

REBEL8 Skate

Here at the REBEL8 office we have a rad collection of skateboards that we produced in limited batches over the years. These killer skateboard deck designs don't get old.

Los Ochos, Skull Zinger, REBEL8 x FTC Collab.

BlacklightPorn Star X-RatedWeb Deck.

Made in California.

Institutionalized, Logo Skateboard Deck, ?.


Model Allegra Nicole stopped by the REBEL8 Headquarters today to shoot some current & next season product of REBEL8 Womens. This was my second timing photographing Allegra. Our previous shoot was in her spot down in San Diego, CA. This time she came to Los Angeles, checked out the REBEL8 offices and worked directly with me in the in-house studio.

Dabs & Myla At The MTV Movie Awards

I had the amazing opportunity to document the MTV Movie Awards Dabs & Myla art installation. It's pretty wild how much time the duo spent on this knowing it'd be taken down just seconds after airtime. Either way the enormous set looked unbelievable! Congrats.

Formula Drift Long Beach

Stopped by Formula Drift in Long Beach, CA. Watched some practice runs in the AM before the main event.

Formula Drift cars waiting

Formula drift practice runs

formula drift practice runs

Ferrari at formula drift

Matt field waiting to run the course at formula drift

matt field at formula drift

formula drift starting line


I've seen model Paizley on all the social media networks for months and always loved her vibe. We finally linked up for coffee at Blue Bottle in DTLA, then headed over to the LA river to shoot. The LA river is definitely one of my favorite places. Here are some photos. Thanks Paizley!

Los Angeles River

Hanging out in the LA river in downtown Los Angeles

Paizley hanging out in the LA river

paizley in the Batman tunnel

Downtown los angeles

Downtown Los Angeles


Nikki Howard

This was my first time shooting with model Nikki Howard. Since she is a Venice, CA local, I thought it would be cool to photograph her in her natural element. So we met up right near the boardwalk, grabbed some ice cream and ventured around the area and kind of just shot on the fly. It ended up being more of a hangout session rather than your standard photo shoot. Good times! Here are some photos.

Nikki Howard in the Womens Angel Script Crewneck against a graffiti wall

Another photo of Nikki Howard in the REBEL8 Angel Script Crewneck for Womens wearing Converse

Nikki Howard in the REBEL8 Womens Killa Collage logo tee eating vanilla ice cream

Nikki Howard in the REBEL8 Womens Dia De Los Ochos raglan in Venice Beach California

Nikki Howard in the REBEL8 Womens Dia De Los Ochos and the Script cardigan

Nikki Howard in the logo crewneck from REBEL8 and cut off jean shorts and white converse

Nikki Howard in black converse, a REBEL8 snapback, and the circle 8 womens collage pattern logo tee

Nikki Howard in black converse, a REBEL8 standard issue logo snapback, and the circle 8 womens collage pattern logo tee

Mike Giant's Show / Yosemite Trip

Took a trip up to San Francisco for Mike Giant's show. Such a rad show. So many drawings to look at alongside images by Jason Siegal with Giant's art over it. Decided while up there I might as well go to Yosemite! 

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