Clock Building, Not Time Telling

As a good majority of you probably knows, I started this brand a decade ago: with just a handful of sketches from Mike Giant and a few hundred bucks in my pocket. Generally speaking, over these years I’ve learned a lot. Everything that I have built has been self-made and all knowledge on how to run a successful company has been self-taught.

I have no degree in business, or any degree for that matter. I barely graduated high school. I have no previous on-the-job training or experience to rely on. Prior to REBEL8 I worked construction, valeted cars, did catering, was a stagehand, and performed a laundry list of other random tasks for money. I have no investors. REBEL8 started with nothing more than $500 and a vision to build a great company.

So what more can I say about these past 10-years? It’s been challenging at all times but equally fulfilling. I’ve learned that REBEL8 is truly a different company and not just speaking artistically. We don’t use smoke and mirrors or have suits puppeteering the show that thankfully has yet to end. It’s just me telling you my stories with dignity and respect while keeping my head down working hard each and every day. And yes it’s also Giant illustrating breathtaking graphics solely using his Sharpie on paper. Sure our family has grown to include more designers, shippers, and sales people, etc., but I hire like-minded individuals that share my vision for REBEL8. It feels damn good to know that the people who work with me don’t need to conform to bullshit corporate politics or think differently at work than in their private lives. And let me tell you, it’s awesome to be able to create jobs in an era where most companies try cutting them.

This 10-year anniversary capsule collection is titled "Clock Building, Not Time Telling." I think author Jim Collins explains the meaning of this phrase best. Here are his words, without edits. "Imagine that you met a remarkable person who could look at the sun or the stars and, amazingly, state the exact time and date. Wouldn’t it be even more amazing still if, instead of telling the time, that person built a clock that could tell the time forever, even after he or she were dead and gone? Having a great idea or being a charismatic visionary leader is “time telling;” building a company that can prosper far beyond the tenure of any single leader and through multiple product life cycles is “clock building.” Those who build visionary companies tend to be clock builders. Their primary accomplishment is not the implementation of a great idea, the expression of a charismatic personality, or the accumulation of wealth. It is the company itself and what it stands for."

Thank you for everything. I truly appreciate all that you have done to make REBEL8 such an incredible brand. I hope I have the opportunity to shake your hand and tell you all of this in person, because everything you are reading is from the bottom of my heart.

Joshy D.

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I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life. Thanks again for 10 amazing years. Click here to peep the 10-year anniversary special release.

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