Took the F Train all the way out to Coney Island to visit my 94-year-old grandma. With a case of dementia, she's confined to her wheelchair on the 7th floor of a nursing home which is straight up just a hospital with carpet. Depressing to say the least.

Super sad to walk the very boardwalk I did countless times as a kid without her. For the passed few years my grandma has become less and less talkative. Our last conversations, before she was hospitalized, would just be her asking how's my health, how's business, and after I replied great two times, she'd end with an I love you. Unfortunately, now she doesn't really speak, at all. So in the nursing home I held her hand, told her I loved her, said I was healthy, and said business was great. She didn't say a thing. But she slowly lifted my hand to her mouth, kissed it three times and just stared at me. Tears filled my eyes, but I refused to let them fall down to my cheeks. I don't know what is or isn't going through her mind, nor do the doctors. I just knew at that moment I wanted to be strong for her. Today was rough.

Seeing this ridiculous Smart car, little giant ladder set-up on the way home made me smile for a second.

But as I waited for my train back to the city, and in many ways, my life back in California, I knew that for my grandmother, this stop will be the end of her line.

Life is precious. Cherish it at all costs.

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