A Giant Life

Giant and I haven't been kicking it on weekends since we started seeing each other everyday Monday through Friday at R8DTLA. And while it's awesome to see him so frequently, it's equally important for us to catch up outside of the office. This past weekend, we spent 24-hours talking about life, people, art, REBEL8, the past, future, and present.

Mike, in many ways, has been a steady, consistent, reassuring figure in my life. When stress would get the better of me, he would be the one to formulate the right words to make it all go away. When I would doubt myself or my abilities, he would be the one to show me how far I've already come. He taught me to do one small thing for REBEL8 every single day and in time, those small things would eventually amount to big things. And when I said that I wish REBEL8 was bigger and more successful, he contently replied that if I decided to not grow this brand any further or decide to scale it back down to when it was just me in my apartment sleeping on boxes, he would be happy. Because of his thoughtfulness, generosity, and wisdom, I want the entire world to experience REBEL8. And in order to do that, we've got a long way to grow.

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