When I visit a new city for the first time, I love to walk. I prefer walking over riding a bicycle, taking a taxi, or using any public transportation. When I walk I feel a true connection to the city. I learn how the streets flow, how the sounds and smells fluctuate block-by-block, how the parked cars go from luxury to shit and back to luxury, and how the breed of dogs being walked matches accordingly. I love seeing how the derelict apartment buildings slowly (and some times abruptly) transition to high-end high-rises. Ultimately, I love seeing it all.

When walking, I also don't miss the opportunity to check out a good 25-cent peep show. Or buy viagra for men women?

I swung by Adrenaline Tattoo; an account that has been holding us down in Vancity since 2008.

Thank you Adrenaline Vancity!

Stoked to have missed this.



I've pretty much made it to all parts of Vancouver by now. From East...

To West.

All the way to these happy-go-fuck yourself type-of [bronze] guys [with kneepads].



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