Granville Island

Back in Vancouver, I started the day off like this. Best almond croissant I've ever had. And yes, I've tried more in more cities than I care to disclose.

I decided to take a walk across Vancouver, over to Granville Island. There are so many new buildings being constructed on the coast, it was refreshing to see this old gem. The windows are dope.

Johny Depp.


I stood here for a few minutes, taking in as much of the beautiful scenery and crisp, fresh air that I could.

From Granville Island looking back to Vancouver.

Cuz its [water] levels to this shit.

Looking at this photo now on my blog, sorely missing the pleasant aroma spewing from the ovens behind this display case, I am quite regretful of not ordering a pot pie. 

Fresh fruit.

Hate raisins, but I bet this was a tasty morsel.

First time I've ever seen and tried a stuffed bagel. I wasn't impressed. I typically half my bagels and apply a thick coat of cream cheese. Bite for bite, there was no difference between a stuffed or cut bagel with toppings. In fact, I'm going to go traditional on this one; not feeling the stuffed bagel.

Meat snacks.

Sausage fest.

Master of [Sesame Street] puppets.

Happy Friday!

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