In 1999 I walked into FTC to cop a new deck, maybe a pair of shoes, but ultimately on this visit, I just ended up flipping through a few hundred tees on one of their racks. And out of all the graphic tees from every major skateboard brand and beyond, one t-shirt struck me in particular. At the time, I didn't know about Diamond Supply Co. I definitely didn't know Nick Tershay AKA Nicky Diamonds. I also didn't have the help of social media or the internet to try and learn about this t-shirt that I couldn't take my eyes off. But none of that mattered to me. I fell in love with that metallic silver script on a crisp black tee and had to have it. I think I bought it for $18.00, which at the time was pretty much what t-shirts were going for. I ended up rocking that shirt daily, for a very long time.

A couple of years later I met Mike Giant and I remember sitting in his studio watching him draw some script. For some reason it looked very familiar to me. I'm not sure what word he was writing out, but it made me think of that Diamond shirt I used to wear religiously. When I got home I dug through my chest of drawers and found it. The next time Giant and I hung out I pulled that t-shirt from my bag, held it up facing him, and asked, "this you!?" He squinted from across the room, paused for a very long second, and simply replied, "yeah." At that exact moment I realized I was a Giant fan before I even know who Giant was. Crazy.

It's rad to see the OG Giant Diamond script is still used by Diamond Supply Co. on many of their products. Today it's riding high on a billboard on Melrose. Salute!

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