Mass Appeal

Just read the latest copy of Mass Appeal. I'm particularly drawn to this issue for the interviews with Marc Ecko, Jeff Staple and Grotesk, and the dudes behind 10.Deep. It is noted by Sacha Jenkins, Mass Appeal Editorial Director, "the term 'streetwear' has been worn to the point where the dang thing has holes in it." He continues, that in issue 53 his team, "went on a mission to stitch together the history and the hardscrabble tales of survival that made streetwear - or whatever you want to call the globally resonant, cultural dynamo - that it is today." 

Although my staff knows I enjoy reading words by streetwear legends, I guess the main reason why this magazine landed on my desk is that Giant did all the custom title treatments for this issue and was also featured.

Beginning on page 62, the 2-page spread on Mike Giant, written by Jason Goldwatch, delves into Giant's Buddhist mind of daily practices to remain balanced and his thoughts on both life and death. A good read indeed.

Then again, this 2-page spread REBEL8 ad ain't bad either.

Big up Jason Goldwatch, Sacha Jenkins, and everyone else over at Mass Appeal.

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