The Pancake Epidemic

Went to my first Pancake Epidemic this morning. What is The Pancake Epidemic? Well, first off, The Pancake Epidemic, a division of StreetVirus, is a creative agency boosting flavor and depth into brands. Offices are situated directly above the iconic IHOP in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. Each Friday select individuals are invited to come down, hang out, eat gourmet foods matched with gourmet coffee, and schmooze amongst other individuals. I met quite a few amazing people this AM.

The offices are some of the most carefully curated and beautifully decorated working spaces to date.

Like this installation in a room now called Mark's Boutique. I'll explain another time.

All this magic takes place literally on top of an IHOP, thus explaining why this agency and creative space is called The Pancake Epidemic.

I'll definitely snap a few more photos next week. I'll be there every Friday when my schedule allows. Thanks Rama!

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