Falafels and Shawarmas

Giant's 42nd birthday went down late last week. Birthdays past, Giant and I would always celebrate at strip clubs in Vegas. But for this year and the foreseeable future, it seems good conversation and bowling will replace good lap dances and motor-boating. 

Yesterday I hosted an employee-only lunch for the dude. We all gathered around the kitchen island, munching on falafels and shawarmas, listening to the OG kick knowledge just about damn near everything. Happy birthday, brother!

Brett, our customer service rep, just got some new ink from Giant. I guess Giant's back tattooing! And with all sincerity, good luck getting an appointment. But please do not email me nor Brett asking a Goddamn thing about it. We don't know.

Ladies, I recommend visiting the site frequently starting now. Hint-hint.

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