Societies typical Monday-Friday work schedule has never been my grind. For over 10 years now, I've been consistently on that 24/7/365; all work, all play, in it to win it, refuse to lose. But I guess when you do something you love, it never really feels like work; adding to, you never want to stop doing what you love. REBEL8 is my passion, my job as well as my hobby, my life, and my everything. I happily spend more time here than anywhere else.

This past weekend the majority of my hours were spent in our photo studio; a building-in-a-building, fully-functional, custom photography studio, situated in the back of our warehouse.

Both roll-ups and loading dock are only open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM for inbound and outbound shipments, adjusting to the working schedules of USPS, FedEx and every other major transport company.  The warehouse staff keeps to this schedule excluding all major holidays. I toss in a few extra paid days off that most companies don't do that everyone seems quite stoked on.

And when the day's work is done, into the night I go.

Our Fall '13 collection is being released in four separate installments. Drop 2 just released and can be found here. Happy shopping!

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