Since 2006, Lula Apparel has been holding us down in Asia. They are our loyal sales reps and distributors in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia. Our respective companies started out much the same; smaller than small with bigger than big dreams with little to no capital. Over the 7 years we've worked together, our business has grown incredibly, and damn close to exponentially.

In recent years many of you have noticed quite a few companies in the USA looking a little too similar to REBEL8. And as many of you know, I didn't ignore these companies. In fact, I was quite open with my distaste for these companies and the cowards behind them. But after being sued for defamation and a laundry-list of other legal bullshit, I've learned two very important things: firstly, before you say anything opinionated that could be potentially controversial or defamatory, preface it with an, "In my opinion"; secondly, I learned if you spend all your time focusing on the negative you will never get to a positive place.

But what has been more disconcerting to me than the shamelessly lazy USA brands, is the amount of counterfeit REBEL8 products being sold in Asia, branded as authentic REBEL8. At first, it was shocking to see all the fake REBEL8 manufactured in China and then sold in bulk mainly to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. But shortly after, it really bummed me out.

See, I spend a considerable amount of time carefully selecting the best factories for quality of product and overall worker's health, safety and rights. I'm always trying to source better materials that do less harm to our environment. I constantly attempt to find suitable local, domestic factories to make REBEL8 goods. And I'm proud to say, since our relocation to LA, I've been able to bring a bunch of production back to the USA. These are just a few of the things I do. And these are just a few of things the companies that bootleg REBEL8 don't do.

Thank you to the real REBEL8ers for the continued support. And thank you to Lula Apparel for seven years of business.

Here is a list of the only authorized REBEL8 dealers in these specific countries. If you see REBEL8 in any other shop in these regions, the merchandise is fake. If you buy "REBEL8" in any other shops not listed below, you are knowingly purchasing counterfeit goods: you are not supporting us, you are not spreading the 8, you are not a REBEL8er, and you should go take a long walk off a short pier.

Taiwan: Identity Taipei, Kendo Shop, Gospel, Lucky Bunch, Riverside, Mr. Shop, D.B. Clothing, NK Crew, Grimace, Mode Shop, Moustache, Corner, Goofy Skate Shop, T-Evoke, Yin Yuan Tang, BCS, Science, Overlord, Pay or Die, Tinhat, MQ.

South Korea: Black Swan, Antidote, The Bounce.

Singapore: Da'cave Clothing, Boards & Stuff, Alley.

Thailand: Sin Shop, Yeah, Outdoor Projects.

Malaysia: Krookz, Zones, Showroom, 108 Store.

Hong Kong: Nowhere, Doube-Park.

China: Battle Macau, 400ML. Store.

Indonesia: Wormhole Store, Penny, Distortion, Hiztory Store, Fourspeed Parlor, Glam Rock Shop, Swag Medan.

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