Us Versus Them

Graham, co-founder of Us Versus Them, stopped by R8DTLA to catch up. I was first introduced to UVT as a streetwear boutique located in Temecula, CA, that proudly carried REBEL8. But this was years ago, pre-2009, and as the economy receded so did their seasonal buys of REBEL8 and every other brand they stocked. UVT slowly began releasing products under their own name, Us Versus Them; creating the brand you now see available in stores worldwide. UVT, the boutique, eventually closed.

I find great interest in analyzing the path of Us Versus Them. As a boutique, they once gave us money and helped us stay in business. Today, as brand, they technically are our competition in doors and take money away from us. But thankfully, I don't see things so black and white. Us Versus Them is a solid bunch that has done an excellent job of surviving in both good and bad times. I live by the rule that there is no competition when you live on a creative plain. And because of that, I'm stoked for UVT and wish them nothing but continued success.

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