Tres Coyotes

On the way home last night I saw three coyotes. Not sure what that means other than awesome, but being a tad dissatisfied with my own answer, I decided to do a little Google research. This is what I found in regards to the spiritual symbolism of the coyote. Believe it or not.

Coyote takes himself and everything in life so serious that this is possibly one message he could be bringing you right now. Perhaps you need to find the joy of innocence. Coyote could also be showing you of some illusion you have working up right now or perhaps you have fallen for someone's trickery and this is a sign to be aware of that possibility. Take a look at your life from a broader perspective and try and identify where this big cosmic joke that you are creating is coming from. Be careful you don't create unnecessary disaster in your life or be lead to disaster by another person. Let this power animal show you the light, or the truth - your 100% authentic self without your self-deceptions getting in the way. This trickery could be for a good reason! Understand that there is no victim in life, we create everything we experience. Laugh at yourself, don't take life so serious, find the joy. If you do this, you'll be receiving a good dose of coyote medicine.

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