For the first time in ever, I've been able to have frequent face-to-face meetings with our international representatives. It wasn't that I didn't try to have these meetings prior to our relocation, it's just that it was always logistically impossible. Basically, no one visited us in SF. Now I can't get these guys out of my spot!

The international distributors we select to spread the 8 go through quite the screening. I have to personally meet each and every representative before I give the green light to sell REBEL8 in a foreign country. More times than not, that means prospects from around the world need to fly in to get the nod of approval. And truthfully, some times, even after a flight across the world, I say thanks but no thanks. I chalk it up to caring too much and ensuring that our sales team is loyal to the brand, not the money. Filip of Caliroots Distribution made the cut. 

And back in 2010, when Ante approached us to distribute REBEL8 in Sweden, so did he.

I promised I'd make him look kool on the blog.

If you don't already know, REBEL8 Wholesale is prebook only. Meaning, after your store is approved to carry the brand, you can only secure your product buy for a future delivery. So any store receiving Fall '13, placed their prebook order back in February. If you want to carry REBEL8 in your store(s), reach out to sales@REBEL8.com to prebook Spring '14. And to all you REBEL8ers, Fall '13 is literally in the building and shipping to stores across the globe shortly.

I love the view of our lounge from the warehouse. I love the world I built with R8DTLA, and it's not even done! And ultimately, after 10-years, I'm still madly in love with REBEL8.

Can't believe it's already Friday! Enjoy your weekend. See you on Monday. Thanks.

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