2:00 AM

With the major construction complete at R8DTLA, the rest of our 2013 drops scheduled, tours de Joshy finalizing, and the green light illuminated for our store build-out, I'm finally able to be social. Here are a few photos and words from a recent intimate gathering at Swingers Diner at 2:00 AM.

Greg Mishka and I have been friends for a few years now. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations via phone, but it's always nice to sit down face-to-face and catch up. Running your own brand is awesome in more ways than not, but there is always at least a little bit of bullshit that comes with it. Greg and I typically share our stories and mutually find solutions to our similar problems.

Kei helps run Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles; a really kool dude that also happens to be a professional dodgeball player. You heard right. It's not just the game you played as a kid and later remembered when Ben Stiller battled Vince Vaughn in the 2004 hit movie. It's currently being considered as an Olympic sport. Foreground props to Lady V. Background props to Deb.

Johnny Cupcakes and I can sit for hours talking about our businesses, our customers and the industry as a whole. I cherish the times we meet in person every few months to bring each other up-to-date on what is happening in our respective lives, both personally and professionally. On nights like these, quite a few big ideas were discovered. 

Buff Monster rules.

Outside Swingers at 2:00 AM.

Have a great day! Shop our online store. Pre-order our skateboard deck. Buy the buttons & stickers. And smile for fuck's sake.

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