I spent my last Friday night glued to my chair down in Long Beach for Agenda Emerge: a brand building conference featuring Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, Jeff Staple, and Johnny Cupcakes. While there were plenty of one-liners, key points, and amusing ramblings over the 4-hour seminar, in my opinion, here are the 4 very-much-abbreviated lessons.

First on stage was Jeff Staple; owner of Staple and Reed Space. The takeaway from his speech was to do what makes you happy and pursue happiness above anything else. Secondly, was Johnny Cupcakes; owner of Johnny Cupcakes. When listening to Johnny, I'm constantly reminded of how important the customer experience is to a brand. Up third, was Bobby Hundreds; co-owner and creative director of The Hundreds. Bobby may not have coined the phrase "consistency consistently" but he sure practices it through his blog. For just over 10 years Bobby has blogged each and every single day. Lastly, was Marc Ecko; founder of Ecko Unltd, Complex, etc. He states that if you listen and abide by Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments you'll have mad bread to break up.

These are the lessons I took away from this conference. But my advice to anyone looking for advice, is to take what any body says with a grain of salt. It's always better to listen to a select few and extrapolate what you can and leave word is bond out of the equation.

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