I rolled through the Agenda trade show yesterday to say hi to some friends, eat some unhealthy food truck bites, and see what was what. Chris Broders, co-owner of Obey, is the person I seem to spend most of my time chatting up at trade shows. I shouldn't have to explain who or what Obey is, but if for some sick, sad reason you are not familiar, Google that shit. I am forever thankful for the guidance and support this dude has shown REBEL8. It has and still does mean the world to me.

Don Juncal, co-owner of Obey, is the smartest person in the room. Every time we sit down, I take notes, listen intently, and try to respond with another question that will unlock more gems. Whether he knows it or not, Don has played an integral part of how and where REBEL8 sits in stores across the world. I am amazed by his generosity of business insight and sales knowledge. He's pretty awesome for an old guy.

Pubes came into the Obey family through his brother Mikey T. (Obey's mens designer). Pubes and I enjoy shooting the shit at pizza parlors near you. To his right is our Senior Graphic Designer, Mike Jones. Mike came over from Mishka and his positive contribution to REBEL8 is already apparent. His first season won't hit the streets until this time next year.

Also ran into Benny Gold. I used to see Benny every week. I miss that. But it's awesome to see him keep pushing in SF. I'm sure he'll make the move to LA soon enough and we'll be ready to make him feel at home.

Deb Dot is always in the building. I see her in every city. Quite possibly the least jaded artist I have ever met. Always a pleasure.

Manny is one of today's best skateboarders, period. His PMA is contagious and I can't wait to see him more than twice a year now that I live in LA. Manny Slays All!

Probably the best booth.

I'm not shocked that Mike Giant is famous. I guess I'm just reminded of his fame when we can't walk longer than 5 feet without someone stopping him for a photo, autograph, handshake or high five. Or a fan that reminds him of tattoos he did years ago.

Sure, Giant has tattooed thousands of people. But in streetwear alone, he has tattooed Nicky Diamonds, Benny Gold, Chris Broders, Greg Mishka, and countless other big names. It's beyond rad. It's fucking unbelievable!

And Giant is and always will be, Giant. My number one homie, forever and ever.


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