By now you probably know we've moved to Los Angeles. But what you may not know is that we took over The Hundreds old building in Downtown LA. I invited Bobby, co-owner of The Hundreds, back to Wall Street to show him all that we've done with the place. To my great happiness, Bobby pulled up in his Delorean.

I first met Bobby in Vegas when he stopped by the REBEL8 booth and kindly introduced himself. It was the first time I heard of his brand, The Hundreds. See back in 2006 The Hundreds were not huge, but far from it. When the economy was kicking, I was introduced to a new face and new brand frequently. So when I met Bobby there were no added thoughts aside from a friendly face and an easy-to-remember name.

But fortunately every few months over the next years our paths did cross and our respective brands were not dying but actually thriving. And alongside the rest of the world, I watched The Hundreds climb sky high on the streetwear food chain. I can truthfully attest, they are now HUGE. Our brief meetings always felt like an equal balance of two friends catching up and two business owners seeing eye-to-eye mixed with some laughing and a bit more sighing.

And as quickly as he arrived, he left at the same speed, a constant 88 MPH.

Thanks for stopping by dude.

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