Show Out

Years past we outsourced sales and paid monthly fees to share a showroom with an array of brands. It's not necessarily a bad look to outsource, or for this matter share, but if you could do it all in-house, independently, go for it!

For those of you that may not be privy to what a showroom is, in the most basic terms, it's a room used to display goods for sale. In streetwear/fashion, it typically is a place where store owners and buyers, as well as stylists, come to shop for their stores/clients. Primarily for our purposes, this room is to showcase our future seasons and take prebook orders. This is phase 2 of our private showroom in our building.

Custom REBEL8 hangers made in the USA sitting on a custom 3-piece 10-foot-long conference table made in LA.

The other half of the showroom.

Here is the Fall 2013 catalog that was sent to stockists months ago to prebook sales and soon will begin shipping out of our warehouse. Fall '13 is broken up into 2 deliveries: the first drops worldwide in July and the second in August.

Disciples of The Eight. Forever.

Unfortunately, due to our move, we will not be in attendance at the next Agenda Long Beach. However, we would still love to see you. If you own a shop or buy for one, please reach out to to schedule an appointment to preview the rest of 2013, Spring 2014 and come get a tour of R8DTLA! Lunch is on me.

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