Clock Building

I started REBEL8 with $500 on March 24, 2003 when I screenprinted a few dozen t-shirts in San Francisco. Until 2007 I worked by myself and handled everything except literally drawing the graphics: I kept my head down, put in that work and seldom looked up. I couldn't even tell you what any other brand was doing back then. I think it was in those early years that REBEL8 had little to no influence from the outside world.

Aside from getting my first employee, in 2007 we also grew from releasing 2 collections a year, to 4 seasonal drops. For the next few years after, my staff of only 3 kept cranking and I kept pushing. Regrettably, it wasn't until 2011 when we finally did our first anniversary capsule, "8 Fucking Years". It was a smashing success. On March 24, 2013 when I reminded the world we were 10 years old, I received tens of thousands of comments, likes, and congrats; I knew we had to do something. Here is a tiny preview of our 10 year anniversary capsule, "Clock Building, Not Time Telling," scheduled to release exclusively online at late-September. Stay tuned!

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