Went to lunch today with Joey Hafner (Diamond Supply Co.). I've known Joey since way back when I ran REBEL8 out of my 833 Divisadero studio apartment in San Francisco. Joey was the barkeep two-doors down at 821 Bar. I used to trade him tees for beers. Now that is bartering!

A few years ago Joey moved to LA to work for Diamond. From a warehouse guy to the manager, Joey now holds the prestigious title of Operations Manager. We caught up at one of LA's oldest restaurants, Philippe's; inventor of the French Dip sandwich.

The horseradish sauce is to die for.

Not sure much has changed since 1908 when Philippe Mathieu opened this establishment at 300 N. Alameda Ave. And that's a good thing!

Jesus Christ was in the building.

This dude ordered 2 sandwiches with sides, and destroyed it.

I did the best I could. I'm on this new diet called starvation.

Happy Friday! See y'all Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

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