Rebel Eight Skateboards

Skateboarding is as much a part of our credible history as graffiti and tattoo art. Although I very seldom skate these days, my life for well over a decade revolved around skateboarding. Skateboarding is the only other anything that I did consistently for 10 years besides REBEL8. I don't even think I consistently went to school for 10 years.

Mike Giant's history with skateboarding goes deeper. He not only skated daily [from 1984-1998], but also worked in the industry. He actually dropped out of college and moved from Albuquerque to San Francisco in 1993 for a graphic job at Think Skateboards. Over the 4 years at Think, Giant single-handedly created hundreds and hundreds of graphics. In the 2000s he did deck graphics, mostly as series, for Krooked, Think, and most popularly, the Santa Cruz legends series. Giant still makes his way to skate parks when he can, but on busy days like today, he's okay just riding a few blocks to work.

Rebel Eight Skateboards is our attempt to give something back to skateboarding. Although not opposed, we don't plan on having a team, taking out ad space in Thrasher, or going toe-to-toe with any other skateboard company. Holding true to our core, the point of Rebel Eight Skateboards is to release unique products to the world. Mike Giant made a decision years ago to exclusively draw for REBEL8. Rebel Eight Skateboards is the only source for his original art on skateboards and skate-related products & accessories. 

Stay tuned. Rebel Eight Skateboards is coming.

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