Went to Ironlak Los Angeles this weekend to check out the Conart show. Ironlak Los Angeles is the Australian aerosol companies premiere flagship store. Conart claims to be the first street art streetwear brand in the world, started in Los Angeles in 1989. I vividly remember their clothing back before I was a teenager.

These works in particular really caught my eye.

As did they for Giant.

Caught up with Ryan, one of the owners (Bob is the second and not pictured) of Ironlak Los Angeles. We rapped out about graffiti, streetwear, business, friendships, life goals, etc. Its rad to know the owners are not only knowledgable about the products they sell but equally passionate and credible about what they do and who they represent. 

During my conversation with Ryan I couldn't help but notice this original film photo booth right behind him.

Less than 10 left in LA, this is the real deal.

And on the way out Giant got hit up to sign another few dozen autographs.

REBEL8 is proudly available at Ironlak Los Angeles.

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