Giant lives a very different life from most people in America and other countries throughout the world with GDPs in the gazillions. He does not, nor wants or plans to, own/drive an automobile. For decades he has preferred and exclusively used a bicycle as his mode of transportation. It's not that Giant can't drive. I once visited him in Albuquerque in '07 and he definitely pushed an OG Toyota mini-truck. Naturally for the time I stayed with him, it was only used once; to load two track bikes in the back of it, drive to the highest point in Burque, to then bomb down. Don't remember how we got back to the truck though (stoners). But nonetheless,  he can drive.

When it comes to technology Giant buys only what he needs and refuses to buy anything over necessity. He doesn't have a Gateway 2000 or any bullshit like that. He uses his Mac laptop daily, but he doesn't buy into the notion that when Apple drops a new product all predecessors go bad and stop working. Personally, I've had every iPhone ever and make sure I get that new shit the day before it drops. Then again, it's a tool for me and the cost is minimal in comparison to the revenue it generates through my usage. But we all have ways of justifying our purchases, don't we?

Although it feels like the day hell froze over, I am happy to announce that Giant joined Instagram. You can follow him at @giantrebel8. I hope you are already following me (@REBEL8).

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