The Originals

Spending some time today going through Giant's stash of his originals; selecting which ones will make it into the frames and onto the walls.

Mike Giant x Dave Kinsey.

Mike Giant x Usugrow.

From our current Summer collection [available in our online shop], this is the original "Sewer King" illustration. I got the inspiration for this graphic when I was walking in Uppsala, Sweden and happened to look down at a manhole cover.

More inspiration.

Another original from this season [also available in our online shop], "Goo Block". I love seeing how our designers took this black & white drawing and added so much pop. You gotta peep the t-shirt and the tank.

Love the texture this one creates. And yet, in reality, like all of these originals, it's just Sharpie on paper.

"Capsized" is one of my favorite REBEL8 graphics that dropped last [Spring] season.

And lastly, here is a little spoiler-alert of our next [Fall] season.

It's the little sweet things that make originals so special.

Have a great rest of your day!

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