Return Of The Lost Angels

Only in the past week has R8DTLA started feeling like home: the construction is finally over, furniture is in place, and I can now focus on what really matters, building the REBEL8 brand. Over these next weeks I will pull back the curtain and show you our new HQ.

My office just needs this art on the wall and it will be complete. On the bottom left, is the original drawing for our first logo and first print advertisement. It ran as  1/4 page in a few issues of Juxtapoz magazine back in '04 I think. It was pretty much the first and last time we ever paid for advertising space. Peeking out from behind that, with the top hat, is a print my friend Tim Armstrong did that was given to me by Poster Child Prints. And to the right is the original illustration for our LA party and capsule collection Return Of The Lost Angels from a few years back. It only seems right to hang that one up now that we are running all operations out of Los Angeles.

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