Hope you've been feeling our new website and had the time to click on shit. We are still tweaking it constantly, but it is definitely an upgrade from the previous. I hate being a technology lagger, and I am always pushing our designers, whether it be web or graphic, to push harder. The new delivers: try it on your mobile, try it on the biggest screen you can get your hands on.

I got the chance to present the site to Giant yesterday. It reminded me of how it was when he lived in Burque and I in San Francisco. We'd meet up in Vegas for the trade shows every 6-months where in our shared hotel room I'd present the new collection. Naturally he knew the illustrations, but until that very moment, he didn't see how I put them on clothing. This website has been in the works since our crash last Black Friday. I told you a few days after going offline through Cyber Monday that I would get us a better website. And although I've been seeing the progression over these months, Giant is first seeing this website, like you, right now. He loves it. I hope you do too.

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