Zumiez Couch Party, Boulder, Giant

I spent this past weekend in Colorado. I originally booked this trip for a Zumiez Couch Party at Flatiron Crossings Mall in Broomfield, CO. I'm sure Zumiez is working on the video of the event right now that I'll post another time. On a side note, big thanks to everyone that came thru!

As I said above, while the trip first began solely as a Zumiez marketing event, it turned into something much more meaningful. I'm sure you know by now Giant and I have been friends for over 15 years. And honestly, we don't see each other as often as you may think. This Saturday and Sunday felt like old times kicking it. Between REBEL8 talks, we conversed about life, health & happiness, girls, whips, personal goals, your typical bullshit, etc. It was exactly what I needed, and I think Mike would say the same thing. Just me and my big friendly Giant. Here are a few words and some photos.

Giant's pad is rad.

Mindful smoking.

One of Giant's many desks.

Backwoods and Jack Rudy.

LIving room.

Giant doesn't have a TV. We sat here one candle-lit night just listening to comedy CDs. For the record, Giant also doesn't have the internet.

He does however have many varieties of tea and drinks quite a few cups each day.

Bow and arrow and tea.

Giant's been practicing archery in the backyard. Yeah, he uses those Cinelli bicycling gloves just for this.

The last time I visited Boulder was last January. Giant's skill level has turned to deadly boss since then. Bullseye after bullseye. 


Dot's Diner is dope.

Giant always gets the 2-13 there.

That is real bacon.


Giant's been gathering lots of sticks recently.

He's building this outdoor teepee structure to have his morning tea and joints. He hopes to also host night time pow-wows with other like-minded individuals in Colorado.

Child's play.


Thanks Mike.


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