1st Party

Some industry folks ask me why I don't outsource our entire warehouse to a third party shipping facility. They say it's so much easier. Admittedly I love seeing the physical product come in and out like an ocean's tide. In a sort of way it makes me feel like I'm doing something real: creating a tangible product and not solely pushing paperwork.

But what is the true cost of "easy"? And are those savings of time, money, and energy if actual also worth losing control? I think the simple answer is no.

See what I can do that no outsourced company can is shoot from the hip and make quick decisions on the fly. For example, I can bump an order to the front or to the back if needed. I can also do kool shit like throw in extra free stickers in with every order today just cuz. Or randomly toss in an extra snapback. You are welcome order #16780! It's this type of control that allows me to effectively do my job better than most and allow my employees to take accountability and pride in their work.

Shop here. I think you'll be stoked. Happy Friday!

REBEL8 Warehouse

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