Shipwreck Trail

In 1961, the SS Dominator, a Greek freighter, ran ashore on the Palos Verdes Peninsula due to a navigational error while lost in fog. I thought it'd be kool to check it out and see what was left of the ship.

I love living on the edge of America.

This is what sand must look like to an ant.

Quite early into the hike I realized I must be going in the complete opposite direction of the shipwreck.

And truthfully, I never did find the SS Dominator. But I did find these perfectly posed Nikes.

A fallen king.

One Timberland.

The only appropriate place to ever wear flip flops is literally on the beach. Flip flops on the street, or up in a plane, is fucking gross. And for the record, these aren't mine either. Just another newly discovered treasure by yours truly.

Two hard balls between a harder place.

Buck shot.

Driftwood chair.


Scratch that. Dead seal. Total bummer.

You should be thankful you don't have smell-o-vision.

And be thankful you're alive! Happy Monday!

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